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About Us

Founded in September 2013 by a group of seven, LimitStyle is committed to overcome daily challenges with stylish design and affordable prices. With years of experiences in marketing, sales, design and data analysis, our team can identify solutions with our consumers in mind. Founder, Zac Lu was involved with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 design and manufacturing during his time in Foxconn. Sales manager, Posen Huang contributes his expertise after five years with Panasonic. Apart from “Lightning Saver”, LimitStyle has many other bestselling products such as ladder-style soap holders and antimicrobial toothbrush holders.

Our beliefs

"Let every problems in lives be taken seriously, everyone's creative ideas be seen, and every aspects of our lives be improved." These are our beliefs here at LimitStyle. By creating a website as platform to consolidate ideas, managing the supply and demand of high quality inventions, we are able to present the best possible products with great values to our customers.

Our Values

Change is much needed and anticipated when things in life get stale over time. LimitStyle seeks to meet this expectation of change. We provide a platform for our users to voice out their opinions for the benefits of all. Our consumers decide what products they need, the retail price of the items and their appearance. Most of all, they are able to buy the products at an affordable price, while the inventors and designers can realise their brilliant ideas while making a profit. The manufacturing process can also be upgraded upon the increase in orders in a creative manner, resulting in more quality products. LimitStyle therefore, helps to form a beneficial loop for everyone involved.

Our Passion

Here at LimitStyle, we know that making a change to the status quo can be rather daunting, it is not merely by shouting slogans, nor writing a brilliant business plan. We are putting in all we have, to build an open platform for everyone, seeking to solve our daily problems together. We are working alongside our professional team members to identity complicated and challenging tasks, testing, collecting and analysing the market. We discuss all possibilities; establish rapid response mechanism through internet, allowing the market to be the sole judge of our performance.

We believe that only when we allow the market as the new metrics to evaluate performance, every member of an organisation will receive a fair and positive feedback!