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Aluminum Stationery Holder



The pen holder is always stuffed with all types of office supplies when you reach for a pen, something else inevitably falls out? Our aluminium stationery holder is made of high quality materials and designed conveniently to keep everything in order. This is the perfect solution to save space and organise your items on your workstation. Say goodbye to your messy desk, now you can have everything in the right order, while you focus on your study or work!

Product Details

Product Specifications

Dimension:10.2cm x 7.8cm
Colour:Silver \ Black
Made in Taiwan

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We apologise if we had sent you a defective / incorrect item. Please contact our Admin Team Messenger about it and we will get back to you as soon as we can. LimitStyle will reimburse postage incurred for defected / incorrect items sent to you.

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